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Foundational Data Products Knowledge Inventory
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This page lists identified foundational data products for Venus. These data are updated as the maintainers become aware of either new products or updated information about an existing product. This page was last updated GitHub Last Update.

Discuss these products with the community.

A GitHub discussion area is maintained for questions, comments, concerns, or general discussions related to these data products. To join the conversation, please visit the discussion page here: GitHub Discussions

Data Updates

While the maintainers of this site make every effort to remain up to date on the currently available foundational data products, this is a really large community of data collectors and data producers. If you know of a new product that is missing from the table, please let us know by opening an issue: GitHub issues. Likewise, if you see an error, please let us know as we all benefit!

Identified Foundational Data Products

Product name Product type Horizontal accuracy Vertical accuracy Resolution Coverage Status Offline formats Online formats Data producer Data provider References
Magellan MGNP180U Gravity NA NA 1ppd Near Global Current [DAT IMG] [?] JPL PDS
Citation: , & al., , & (). Venus Gravity: 180th Degree and Order Model. Icarus, 139(1). 3 – 18. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1006/icar.1999.6086
Magellan SAR Altimeter Elevation ? 50m 22ppd / 5kmpp Near Global Current [IMG GeoTiff] [WMS] USGS PDS
Citation: & , & (). Venus topography and kilometer-scale slopes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 97(E8). 13103–13114. https://doi.org/10.1029/92JE01085
Magellan SAR Regional Stereo DEMs Elevation ? ? ~500mpp Regional Current [GeoTiff] [?] Herrick, et al. Personal Website (Dead link)
Citation: , & al., , & (). Fine-scale Venusian topography from Magellan stereo data. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 93(12). 125–126. https://doi.org/10.1029/2012EO120002
Magellan SAR Cycle 3 Stereo DEMs Elevation ? ? ~500mpp ~21.3% Current [?] [?] Nunes, et al. unknown Citation: , & al., , , , , & (). Robust, Automated Stereogrammetry of Venus Magellan SAR Imagery and Preliminary Tessera Results.
Citation: , & al., , , & (). Slope Characteristics of New SAR-Stereo Derived Topography of Venus.
Magellan C3 MIDR Mosaic Uncontrolled Image Mosaic ? ? 52ppd / 2025mpp Near Global Current [GeoTiff] [WMS] USGS PDS
Citation: , & al., Ford, J., Plaut, J., Weitz, C., Farr, T., Senske, D., Stofan, E., Michaels, G., Parker, T. & Fulton, D. (). Guide to Magellan image interpretation.
Magellan F-Map Left-look Mosaic Uncontrolled Image Mosaic ? ? 1408ppd / 75mpp 92% Current [GeoTiff] [WMS] USGS PDS

Magellan F-Map Right-look Mosaic Uncontrolled Image Mosaics ? ? 1408ppd / 75mpp 55% Current [GeoTiff] [WMS] USGS PDS